Matang Yaksha in Elora Cave

The Matang Yaksha in Elora Cave

The Indian music is ancient ,Indian music accumulated Heritage of centuries. Statue and sculpture of Matang yaksha on the elephant is carved in Elora cave which is UNESCO world Heritage in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state of India.there are sculptures of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism religions ,The Matang Yaksha was with 3rd Tirthkar Lord Sambhavnath of Jainism in 9th century The Matang Yaksha was father of Indian Music and Matang  Yaksha provided the first documentary evidences of a vital feature of Indian music in 9th century a written work dealing with the Indian music  and RAGA, Brhddesi of the Matang is striking difference classification, roots of folk music and Indian Musics and RAGA. or Nad.

Yaksha Matang in Elora cave,

and  He defined word RAGA(SUR) in his discovery he classified 264 RAGA and SUR. He also discovered songs RAGA without musics,one can sing RAGA(SUR) without musical instruments , it is believed that musical literature and scripture Brhdddesi was written by Matang in 9th century and art of music was defined by the Matang.The Bhrddesi ancient music literature book of Matang yaksha is written by Prem Lata Sharma in two volumes. The Folk music is sung differently in each regions following local styles.Saurashtra is quite famous and well known for its traditional folk musics. Saurashtra is the peninsula of Gujarat state of India situated in western India previously it was state known as Kathiawar state. India has great and large varieties of folk and music instruments,The national academy of music and dance (Sangit natayam academy)organised a symposium in Delhi India in 1968 displayed more than 500 instruments in symposium.Folk dance and music are performing in region of Saurashtra,kutch,Sindh and other region of India.It is believed that the saga  Narada muni introduce art of music on the earth before karta yuga, In vedic period music was devotional in content and used to ritualistic purpose.In Saurashtra varieties of musical instruments are used in Bhajan, Doha.chhand, and rass, Dandia ras and garba, following instruments are used tabla,harmonium,manjira,drum(dhol) ramsagar,ravanhatho,sarangi,piper..shahnai,bansary and others music instruments.

Below images are the UNESCO world heritage Elora cave and ancient monuments.The The Mamaidev sung Vedas in SUR means as song without music in Maheshwary dharma The Mamaidev was knowing 264 Sur /Rhymes many Vedas are in various RAG and Sur, The mamaidev sung Vedas in  Veravay, Sindhudo, Sameri, Ramgari and others the Rag are known as NAD in our Maheshwary Dharma,The Maheshwary Meghwar are the follower of shri Mamaidev and Matangdev, the Tomb and shrine of Matangdev is Located in Sindh state of Pakistan in Sheni thar,the Temples of the Matangeshwar Shiva  is Located in World Heritage site Khajuraho monument in MP India,this temple was built by Chandra dev king of Chandra Dynasty in 9th Century, the Shiva Linga is 8 feet height and worshiped by  Hindu and Maheshwary, This is the Only Temple in Khajuraho where worshiped and pooja are done Daily, The Matangeshwar Shiva is Known as Maheshwar or Mrunjay Shiva,so that Maheshwary are the follower of Maheshwar Shiva,

Kadamgiri Parvat/ Karumbho Kedar

pizap.com14672650324511The Kadamgiri Hill is Located in Kadamgiri Valley 35 Km From palitana Town of Bhavnagar District of Saurashtra state of Gujarat India. Kadamgiri is also known as Karumbho  Mount Dungar in  Matangdev dharma of  Maheshwary  community,The Matangdev was 10th Avtar or Incarnation of Lord Shiva, he preached to poor Sinbhariya Maheshwari Meghwars of Sindh, Gujarat, Jamnagar kutch, Rajkot Bhavnagar dist of Gujarat. Mumbai Maharashtra.the Kadamgiri hill is the sacred Tirth of Maheshwary Meghwar and Jain , the Neminath Lord preached to Jain in Jainism  before 2500 years ago.The Matangdev had done Narvedh Yagna at Kadamgiri hill for the welfare of downtrodden pooe Sinbhariya Meghwar,who were Untouchable for Upper Hindu caste,there were no dharma in Meghwar community and they were Tribal Mul Nivashi peoples of ancient India.the Matagdev was also known as Karam dev in Maheshwary Dharma,

The 9 Lack Sinbhariya Meghwar were with the Matangdev and matangdev ask them to follow the Matangdev s Dharma, but Six Lack Meghwar left dharma and left Kadamgiri hill,while 3 three Lack peoples followers of Matangdev follow the dharma ad Matangdev done Neem kangan  sanskar procedure for entry in Dharma,The Mamaidev Said in His Vedas:- ૯ નવ કોડી (લાખ)  માનવી  ગની ને  કરમ દેવ કારુભે ચડીયો,તે મંજા  ત્રણ  કોડી  તર્યા, ૬ છ  કોડી હરી જે વિશ્વાસ તે ના હાલિયા ,દેવ મામૈદેવ ચે  સે જીવ  ખૂટી ને કાદવ મેં પડિયા,

(૨) જકી જીવ કદમગીરી કારુભે તે નીમ્યા ( નીમ કંગન ) તેનકે  વેરા ( દુખ) જો ના અચે  હૈયાન ,૩ કોડી  માનવી ગત જા કંગણ કારુભે તે ભરિયા તેનજી  વગત  કન્થઈ મામૈદેવ  પંડિત વછવાર..

સંકલન  ..Dr Nitin Vinzoda, Jamnagar India






Nirvana destination of shri Matang Dev ( પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી ધણી માતંગ ડેવ,)

The  Matang Dev (પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી ધણી માતંગ ડેવ.) was Born in Brahman Rishi family,in Patna or Old city which was Known as Patliputra in Ancient History of Bihar State of  India,he was son of Matra rishi,and He was Maternal Grandson of shri Gautama Rishi well known in History,He Formulated Magical Atharva Veda which is 4th Vedas in Hinduism,which was least discussed among the Vedas, The Matang dev modified Atharva Vedas in his Holy Scripture but shri Mamaidev formulated and defined the Atharva Vedas in His sacred Scripture,The Matang dev was a Avatar or Incarnation of Lord Shiva in Hinduism,He preached to poor Sinbharia Meghwar and given dharma and welfare activity for uplifting of downtrodden poor Sinmbhariya Meghwar of India in 9th century Meghwar community was untouchable by upper caste Hindu in India,His Grand Son Shri MAMAI DEV was a great scholar and Philosopher of his times who started reformation movement and formulated details of ATHARVA Vedas,and described the equality and Unity in lower society Meghwar and Human beings, he preached Birds and other animal and sentient beings on the earth.and The Mamaidev fight for human rights and social Justice to poor Meghwals in our country in view of Vedic values in 13th century and Upanishads,and Child marriage,caste-ism,Brahmans Continue reading

Matangdev & Zanzar vav- Karumbho

The Zanzar vav it is name of holy wel in Mahesh dharma, Zanzar vav is located in the valley of Kadamgiri hill Karumbho kedar,every Maheshpanthi, maisarias are taking holy bath from the water of holy wel vav,in the month of holy vaishak,on the Nirvan day of Matangdev,the Maisarias are climbing Karumbho hill with great faith in dharma,at the top of kadamgiri hill there is foot print of Matangdev which is carved in the stone,.Maheshpanthi Maisarias are doing prayer to lord Matangdev, after that Maisarias are performing Barmati Panth,which is known as karam Barmati, and flame of jayot is karam jayot,and Maisarias are doing sanskar procedure Neem kangan who are not taken before, their children are Neem by Kangan at karumbho.The karamdev/Matang Dev was born in India in 8th century,He was Nirvana on akhatrij month of vaisakh;He had done a yagna( narvedh) at karumbho kedar.Kadamgiri hill in 8th century. Kadamgiri hill is holy pilgrimage of Jain God Neminath before 2200 years preached to Jain . Zanzar vav/well is situated in the valley of Kadamgiri hill Maisariya are taking their holy bath in the Zanzar vav; 9 lakh follower of maisary dharma were with Matang dev,they climb to karumbho hill,among them 3 lakh peoples follow the dharma and remaining six lakh peoples left for dharma, The Karamdev preached to maisaria and vows
and given Barmati panth during Barmati Karam dev given neem jo kangan to maisaria for firmness in dharma;every religion have its own identity,in certain religion, it is sacred thread, in jainism and Buddhism it is -dixa, in Jews circumcision;christ it is cross;The maisary named Gabhro vado was sacrificed for dharma so that he is known as thathiyo; who distribute prasad;
The Mamai said in his holy scripture:- A person maisary Gabhro vado was sacrificed for dharma so that he is known as thathiyo; FOR MAISARIA DHARMA, AT KARUMBA IT IS KNOWN AS NEEM KANGAN FOR MAISARIAS .THIS KANGAN IS SPECIAL IDENTITY OF MAISARIAS DHARMA. EVERY Maisaria HAVE NEEM JO KAGAN /IT IS ENTRY IN DHARMA.THE MAMAI SAID IN HIS VEDAS IS NOBLE TRUTH ; કરમ બારાઈ જો કંગણ —
કરમ બારાઈ અને કંગણ કારુમ્ભો કુંભકાર ને કરકાર જુગ જો ફળ તનિકે જુદંડો, પંઢ પુરખ પરમાણ, જુગ ફરતે દેવ મામઈ ચે ઈ જીવ તીંધા નજ નરવાન.
In Jain religion god Neminath preached to Jain at karumbo kedar before 2200 year ago; A holy River satrunjay is running in the valley of karumbho hill and shatrunjaya hill where jain tirth and Temples are,

વાણીયો વડો શેત્રુન્જો તિર્થે વડો કેદાર કારુમ્ભો
The Mamai dev said in his holy scripture and Veda;s Nim jo kangan/ નીમ જો કંગણ keep peoples free from delusion,attachments greed,hatred.craving and free from natural disasters who believed in dharma and Barmati and have Nim jo kangan નીમ જો કંગણ at karumbho kedar are pure and free from afflictions;; pure body and pure mind;

જકી જીવ કારુમ્ભેય તે નિમ્યા તેન્કે વેરા જો ન અચે હૈયાન, ત્રે કોડી જા કંગણ કારુમ્ભે તે ભર્યા, તેંજી વગત કન્થઈ, મામઈ પંડત વચ્છ વાર. 2-સમરિયો સાચો ગુર, જીન્જો કરમ ઉતરીયો સંસાર, જિ જરમે પંધી પખારીયો તી બારમતી આય જીવ જો પખાર.લન્ગે વડો સોમૈયો, સોમનાથ, તિર્થે વડો કેદાર, કારુમ્ભો તે કંગણ ભરાયા, ઉતરિયા જીવ જા કસ્મર ભાર.કરમ જોત અને કંગન કારુમ્ભો ઈ આય જુગ જો પરમાણ, જુગ ફરતે ડેવ મામઈ ચે જીવ થિન્ધા નજ નિર્વાણ,
This Karumbho kedar is the memory of great Matang dev who preached to maisara ,sinbhariya,poor peoples of India,second holy pilgrimage of Maisaria,the Tomb of great Matang dev is in the Sheni Thar શેણીથરkarumbho4 Sindh state

of Pakistan, and many followers of Mamaidev dharma are in Sindh, kutch Saurashtra, M.P.state of India and
Maharashtra,Mumbai and Ulhasnagar and other state of India.
The Mamaidev said in his holy scripture,


Matangdev’s Nirvan destination,

The Matangdev was Nirvan in sheni town of Sindh, now it is in Pakistan,he fought for war of dharma with padshah Haiderkhan in Sindh,his followers were king of Sindh Sumara and shama,and king Abdo was sacrificed in the war between them and Haiderkhan.the Matangdev also sacrificed his life at this place in war. which is known as sheni in Sindh,He was 10 th incarnation of lord Shiva and founder of BARMATI PANTH in the maisary mahesh Panth,Maisarias of Sindh, Gujarat,kutch, and Saurashtra are celebrating Nirvan day of sri Matangdev in the month of Vaishak in every year,Sheni in Sindh is sacred tirth pilgrimage of Maisaria Maheshpanthi..