Matangdev’s Nirvan destination,

The Matangdev was Nirvan in sheni town of Sindh, now it is in Pakistan,he fought for war of dharma with padshah Haiderkhan in Sindh,his followers were king of Sindh Sumara and shama,and king Abdo was sacrificed in the war between them and Haiderkhan.the Matangdev also sacrificed his life at this place in war. which is known as sheni in Sindh,He was 10 th incarnation of lord Shiva and founder of BARMATI PANTH in the maisary mahesh Panth,Maisarias of Sindh, Gujarat,kutch, and Saurashtra are celebrating Nirvan day of sri Matangdev in the month of Vaishak in every year,Sheni in Sindh is sacred tirth pilgrimage of Maisaria Maheshpanthi..


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