Mamaidev The Journey to perfection & Happiness

The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher and he was born in 13th century in India, He preached to Poor Sinbhariya Meghwar of India and Pakistan, Poor Meghwar were suffering from Caste system and Untouchable and inequality by upper castes peoples of India and Pakistan,SriLanka, Bangladesh,Nepal and others Asian countries,and they were considers as lower Human on the earth, The Mamaidev preached to poor Meghwar for Dharma and happiness and effort to uplifts to poor Meghwar,The Mamaidev formulated ancient Barmati religion to Meghwar,
He Said in his sacred scripture that Education is basic tool for the welfare of Society and right livelihood, to acquired knowledge which is helpful for the well-beings of poor Meghwar society,Mamaidev said that Cultivating or correcting your thoughts and Behavior,It is to correct everything that arises from your BODY and MIND three KARMA of erroneous Behavior,speech and thoughts,Cultivation will start from its root causes,The Mamaidev said all worries and your sufferings are completely  eradicated and expelled and You can Attain your own great perfection and restored your original ability.from that points on you are in a state of total awareness and capable to doing everything,
the Mamaidev said O my Maisarias you are Omniscient and omnipotent,the Brightness clouds of Wisdom are earth treasure means stored treasure of great Earth Mother,which represents our mind without the Earth nothing can survive so the MAMAIDEV used the earth as Metaphor as our Mind,which is the Great Perfection,It encompass infinite compassion and Wisdom,
The Mamaidev said you will attain wisdom and this perfection will give you rights and will be helpful to Eradicate caste systems and brings Equality in everything we see,every Human beings on the earth.There will be end of Suffering of Sinbhariya MEGHWAR in the world. follow the Link of Ghumli VIDEO..

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