Nirvana destination of shri Matang Dev ( પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી ધણી માતંગ ડેવ,)

The  Matang Dev (પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી ધણી માતંગ ડેવ.) was Born in Brahman Rishi family,in Patna or Old city which was Known as Patliputra in Ancient History of Bihar State of  India,he was son of Matra rishi,and He was Maternal Grandson of shri Gautama Rishi well known in History,He Formulated Magical Atharva Veda which is 4th Vedas in Hinduism,which was least discussed among the Vedas, The Matang dev modified Atharva Vedas in his Holy Scripture but shri Mamaidev formulated and defined the Atharva Vedas in His sacred Scripture,The Matang dev was a Avatar or Incarnation of Lord Shiva in Hinduism,He preached to poor Sinbharia Meghwar and given dharma and welfare activity for uplifting of downtrodden poor Sinmbhariya Meghwar of India in 9th century Meghwar community was untouchable by upper caste Hindu in India,His Grand Son Shri MAMAI DEV was a great scholar and Philosopher of his times who started reformation movement and formulated details of ATHARVA Vedas,and described the equality and Unity in lower society Meghwar and Human beings, he preached Birds and other animal and sentient beings on the earth.and The Mamaidev fight for human rights and social Justice to poor Meghwals in our country in view of Vedic values in 13th century and Upanishads,and Child marriage,caste-ism,Brahmans
supremacy,ignorance towards Vedic scriptures,Ignorance and for Un Education,poverty,unemployment,superstitions etc were many evils which were prevalent in his times, Worst among them was CASTE-ISM or”JATIVAD” which had created differences between humans.
Almighty God gave birth to all of us;the humans degraded themselves by claiming themselves as superior or inferior on basis of birth in certain Hindu caste. During his times a rigid caste system was in practice,the Brahmans enjoyed supremacy over others. The condition of the Sudra was deplorable and womanhood was considered as inferior.
The Matang dev sacrifice his Life for Survival dharma at Dhandh Shenithar Sindh,now in Pakistan,with Sumara,Rajput Warriors of Sindh, The Soomra Rajpoot were the Followers of shri Matang dev and his Son Lunangdev,He Nrvana on Akhatrij in Month of Vaisak,at Shenithar, Sindh ,Pakistan,in War with HaiderKhan Turk Invaders of Sindh,A soomra warrior prince Abado Jiyani A Soomara Rajput warrior also was sacrificed his Life at Sheni,in this war 125000 warriors and peoples died in  SHENI Sindh ,શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં કહા હૈ… સવારો શેણી dhandh મથા ચડીયા,Imageસવારો શેણી dhandh મથા થીયા ગલોલા જા ઘા,હુતે માતંગદેવ કેશરીયા કરે, નાદી નાદ કરે,માતંગદેવ ચે મોન્ઝે બેલીયે કે ના લાગે ગલોલે જા ઘા,૧૨૫૦૦૦ સવા લાખ મનખ/માનવી શેણી તે કપાયા,( શહીદ).વાર રવિવાર ને પહોરે દિન,માતંગદેવ ભેરો અબડો જીયાની શેણી તે કપાયો,( શહીદ)


6 thoughts on “Nirvana destination of shri Matang Dev ( પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી ધણી માતંગ ડેવ,)

  1. Dear brother
    Please edit the name of Matang dev
    ” Mahan Param Pujay Shree Dhani Matang Dev”

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