The Matang Dev & Sinbharia Meghwar

Shenithar, In Sindh ,Pakistan

Shenithar, In Sindh ,Pakistan

The Matangdev was Born in Patliputra,Patna City Bihar state of India in 8th Century, Matra Rishi was his father and Jashdevi was his mother,He was Maternal Grand Son of Historical GAUTAM Rishi,He was Born in Month of February, Chaturthi of shukla paksh of Magh Month,Thakaro was his elder Brother,Thakro told to Matang dev that he should to aviod and not go to Shinbharia Vas or colony there are poor Sinbharia Meghwar”s colony or Huts which are built by grass and Soils.he said they are lower human beings and Untouchable to upper Hindu caste,
Even though advice of his elder brother he prefers to go to Sinbharia VAS,and he preached to poor Meghwar community in India and given dharma to downstrodden peoples of India.He served for poor Sinbharia Meghwar and fought for Untouchability and rights of poor Meghwar.
He married with a Meghwar caste born LakshMani devi.Lakshmani Devi was daughter of Anand Suradia Meghwar.
The MAMAIDEV SAID IN HIS VEDAS:-KARTA,TETRA NE DUVA YUG ME RANKE JE GHARE HAVI ROSHT RAT.( BLACK NIGHT), RAT VIYANI NE THIYO PRAGADO,KALIYUG ME MATANGDEV AYO MEGHWARE JE GHARE, JIN GUR KIYO DHARAM JO PRAKASH. કર્તા.તેત્રા ને દ્વાપર યુગ મેં રાંક મેઘવારે જે હવી રોષાત અંધારી રાત,રાત્રી વિયાણી ને થીઓ પ્રાગડો ( પ્રગટ) કલિયુગ મેં માતંગદેવ આયો મેઘવારે જે ઘરે જીણ ગુર કિયો ધરમ જો પ્રકાશ.
424592_285034304943983_1685048060_nTranslation of Above Vedas,Only Matangdev was the Mashiha or God of Sinbharia Meghwar community,No any Gods of Hinduism done welfare of poor Meghwar, during the Yuga Karta,Tetrayuga and Dwapar yuga,only and only Matangdev taken care of poor Meghwar and he has given divine light of dharma and removed the darknessin the lives of Meghwar.
Poor Meghwar were the suferer of evil of upper caste and untouchabiity.Matangdev removed darkness and given lights and happiness to poor Meghwar.


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