Matangdev & Kadamgiri hill-Karumbho

The Matangdev was born in city Patna,state Bihar,India,in 9th century, the Bihar previously was known as Patliputra town in eras of Samarat King Chandra Gupta Morya,he preached to poor peoples of India which was known as Sinmbhariya Meghwar.the sacred Kadamgiri hill-Karumbho kedar is located in Gujarat west India,it is holy  tirth pilgrimage of Maisaria and Jain,the Matangdev was 10th incarnation of lord Shiva,He was founder of Barmati Panth and Mahesh dharma,he preached 3 lack peoples on the Kadamgiri hill,have performed karam Barmati and given identity and Neem sanskar procedure in dharma,his Nirvan day is in the month of akhatrij month of vaishak.Maisaria are celebrating festival in the month of vaishak in every year in Kadamgiri hill,The Tom of great Matangdev is in sheni Sindh Pakistan. above picture is the Kadamgiri-karumbho kedar in Gujarat India.


Mamaidev & Matangdev

The Mamaidev was a great philosopher in 13th century, he teaches the path of happiness in his dharma to the maisarias Maheshpanthi and the peoples of world, and leads the path of happiness in the world fro right lively hood and education and right knowledge and equality in human beings,he teaches the sincerity to other sentient being,purity of mind and body.there are 36 vows of dharma in Mamai dharma, he has given path of art of living on the earth, the Great Matangdev was fore father of Great Mamaidev. The Matangdev was born in 9th century in India at Bihar India, he was 10th incarnation of lord Shiva.The Matangdev was the founder of Barmati Panth in Maheshpanthi dharma,he had sacrifice his life for welfare and uplifting of poor Sinbharia Meghwar of world,the Matangdev was the son of matrarishi of Bihar on the bank of holy river of Ganga,he fought for justice for poor peoples Sinbharia.

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