Mamaidev in Ancient Makali grave yard

The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and predictor of future events on the world, in 12th century,he was born in India, his tomb is located in world famous and ancient Makali graveyard in Thatta Sindh province of Pakistan.Makali is largest necropolis in the world,it is burial place of 125000 Sufi saints this tombs are the material evidence of sindh and and various eras of kings Sumara, shama and Tamachi, Moguls,The Makali necropolis is also burial place of kings,quins,princes and philosophers.Makali graveyard is ancient and UNESCO world heritage declared in 1981.The Mamaidev Nirvan in this Makali necropolis in 1389 A.D.Kings of Sindh Sumara & shama dynasty were follower of Mamaidev,The Mamaidev predicted the partion of India, Global warming.Tsunami,Earthquake and invasion of Portuguese, Britisher and dutch on the India and he also predicted on the end of Mogul Dynasty.Makali hill is ancient graveyard.